Seth McLaughlin

After his time served as an infantry man, Seth pursued a career as a Physicians Assistant during which he discovered his passion for assisting people with their financial security & treatment options in regards to the healthcare industry. As an unapologetic follower of Christ & a disabled veteran, Seth also offers his skills in helping other disabled veterans on a volunteer basis. Now with hundreds of certifications & appointments, Seth sets himself apart with the dedication he has to his clients through personalized guidance, strong industry connections, & a heart for serving, leaving his book of business with absolute peace of mind. Seth's team goes above & beyond the standard by offering ongoing support while using your plan, so you can make informed decisions on how you analyze, apply, & use your health insurance policy.

Brad Hill

After 16 years in law enforcement, I had to leave due to work injuries. It was hard, but with family support and prayer, I found a new passion in health insurance. Now, as a business owner, I can still help people, but differently. I care about others' well-being and work hard to find personalized solutions. Whether it's understanding insurance or saving money without giving up good care, here at Integrity HealthI'm committed to making a difference.

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